Admission Open for Session 2022-2024, Please contact College Reception for more information.


(A)   Existence of Best Teacher's Award system At the end of each session (after Exams), a committee headed by Director/ Principal of the college with two Educationist (from outside) and two members from the promoter managing society select "Best Researcher's Award" on the basis of the confidential report. The award will be Rs. 21000/- for "Best Researcher's". The awards will be distributed to the concern candidates during Annual Function by cheque only.
(B)   Evidence of grant of Study Leave for Faculty to purpose higher studied/FDs Any faculty pursuing higher studies whether in India or abroad will be given "study Leave" with full salary. The Study Leave facility with full salary will be provided to at least one year old faculty and on submission of an undertaking on Rs. 100/- judicial stamp paper that after completing the higher study as mentioned in original application for leave, such candidate will serve full 2 years to the college failing which the amount will be recovered as per rules and regulations.
(C)   Reimbursement of Registration Fee and TA/DA expenses along With special Casual Leave for participation In Conferences / Seminars / Workshops, etc. Reimbursement of Registration fees, all expenses for local participation and Travelling allowance on actual basis, lodging and boarding expenses in case attending Conferences / Seminars / Workshops etc. out of Delhi. The College will give full salary for all days used to attend Conferences / Seminars / Workshops.
(D)   Providing of computing Faculty to Individual teacher (Desktop/Internet) Each Faculty is allowed to use one desktop computer with unlimited internet facility during college hours. Earlier the faculty was available with limited internet facility for one hour each on the same computer but now individual computers has been provided.
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